Exclusive: Virtue VIO <b>Paintball</b> Mask Logo – Versatile Innovative Optic

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Exclusive: Virtue VIO Paintball Mask Logo – Versatile Innovative Optic
We just received more information regarding the new Virtue Paintball goggle that is going to be released shortly. Previously we reported that the mask would potentially be named the Virtue Optik. That is not the case. The new Virtue Paintball mask is …
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Man with paintball gun who 'runs the neighborhood' makes death threat
LORAIN — A series of neighborly disputes came to a head Wednesday when one Lorain man brandished a baseball bat and a paintball gun and proclaimed that he “ran the neighborhood,” according to police. Mitchell Hall, 24, of Lorain, was charged with …
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Vemma/Verve to Sponsor San Francisco Explicit and NPPL
We just received word that Vemma, parent company of Verve Energy Drink, and Mr. Anthony Powell, Royal Ambassador of Vemma, is going to be sponsoring pro paintball team San Francisco Explicit and the NPPL Las Vegas VIP area. Below is the official …
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